How NASA Spinoff Technology Can Benefit Society

There have been a lot of benefits to society from technologies and products that were a byproduct of the space programs of various countries.  Of particular interest is the role that the American space program have been of benefit through the NASA spinoff technology, and the formal existence of a procedure to bring cutting edge practices to the society in general.  There are a number of benefits to society from space material and techniques as laid out below.

NASA Spinoff Technology

The Durability of NASA Spinoff Technology

Outer space has a particular characteristic that it is a very unforgiving place or area of operation.  Not only is the media harsh but mistakes are often accompanied by harsh results.  All this combine to give solutions to problems the needed durability of application.  The substances and products for use in any space program have to be durable enough to last an entire space flight that could at times last a few months.

The outer space is devoid of a cushion of air that is so taken for granted on Earth and this can cause the sunlight to be very harsh.  The air not only is a medium of exchange of matter but protects all that live in it with a protective cocoon that keeps matter and particularly the sunlight from getting too harsh.  It is thus a moderating medium.

The lack of an atmosphere in outer space is a contributing factor to the extra harshness of the sunlight.  Thus it goes without saying that material developed for use in space must have the hardness to withstand the penetrating sunlight that is so prevalent in space.

Another aspect of space is the severe cold that can grip in the absence of a heat like the sun.  It would be apt to describe the frigidness as penetrating and lonely.  This is particularly the tone of the many pictures of outer space that astronauts and satellites pass on to us.  So any materials that need to be used in space must be extra fortified to withstand the most severe of chills.

The Physical Toughness so needed for Products

The sheer harshness of outer space is a good enough reason to design and make products that are tough as well as hardy.  It must be able to stand up to the biting conditions till the end of the mission at most times and with reusable products like the space shuttle, the need to reuse material comes out as important as well.

NASA spinoff technology

Thus the need to have useful products that are physically strong at the same time serve the purpose for which they are designed for makes a good combination for material.  In a lot of instances, the alternate use of the products would make the space program more suited to society than otherwise.  Thus products that are lasting as well as hardy that can withstand the severest of conditions are developed. This would be a spinoff that a lot of pioneers in space never thought of.