The Key Role That Google XPRIZE Aims To Play In Space Exploration

A look upward on a quite night sky would bring up all the possibility that exist for people to explore and find new vistas.  Google XPRIZE aims at just that.  This is to ignite the adventurer in each person; and to open out new possibilities for the following generations to come.


The Advantages of a Completion like Google XPRIZE

People and cultures have progressed when they have been at completion with each other.  This has been aptly demonstrated by the hunt for new colonies in the 18th century by the European powers that then came to dominate the world.  It is this very push that is needed to bring results in the exploration of space as well.

The GLXP is a competitive venture by Google to have a man on the moon with as little effort as possible.  With the sheer number of competitors that have taken up this challenge shows the seriousness of the venture and the end result the announcers of the program intended.  Rarely have technology buffs been this galvanized to achieving results that could be the corner stone of future space travel and exploration.

There is more to a completion than just the simple competitive spirit alone.  With the possibility that the very first person in the venture could well etch their names in history with this effort, has meant that there is a fair takers for the challenge than what the organizers envisaged.  This is a good thing.  It is just possible that the higher number of competitors would mean a more affordable solution as most participants do not have any sort of corporate or third party sponsors. It is more of an individual effort.

So typical of the early pilgrims that came to America and the colonizers of the yesterdays, the space explores are a more organized lot.  XPRIZE aims to do more than land a person on the moon, it is meant to bring out the best performing and practical solution to a very costly affair these days.

The Cost Factor in The Competitions

There is no denying that a cheap solution to an expensive practice of sending people and equipment to space must be realized to move the field of space exploration forward.  The aim of any competition is to bring out the best possible solution and here with this Google venture, the aims are just the same.  There would also be the added advantage of having a cost effective solution as well.


Since for any venture to succeed, the cost incurred to doing it must be mentioned. The very low capital base that most of the participants to this program; would mean that it would be a very cost effective solution that would come out of the ramble that it is now.

Most ventures of this nature are bound to attract the not so serious participants as well.  As time passes and workable models emerge out of the noise, a better and clearer picture is bound to emerge.